Welcome to PLC Melbourne

As you read about the opportunities our College offers, you will get a snapshot of the truly exceptional education we can provide for your daughter. 

Since its inception as a Christian Independent school for girls in 1875, PLC has been at the forefront of the education of young women in Australia. PLC’s outstanding 21st Century holistic education for girls and young women is built on our strong and enviable tradition. Our consistently outstanding academic results speak for themselves.

PLC staff are highly involved in their students’ learning journeys and focus on the individual student, nurturing and affirming your daughter so that she can achieve her personal goals.  Whether she loves sport, music, art, or academic pursuits, our teachers, counsellors and specialist educators will all work together to help her realise her potential. We will support her endeavours and enhance her strengths. 

I well understand that parents want to give their daughters the best educational start they can. Not only do they want their daughters to belong to a happy and inclusive learning community, they also wish for them to experience a balanced and future-oriented curriculum which will provide the confidence and life skills they need to flourish in their adult lives. 

Our students are encouraged to stretch themselves and become critical thinkers and problem-solvers, able to look outside themselves at the challenges facing their world and take responsibility for helping and contributing where they can. For over 140 years, PLC alumnae have been at the forefront of societal change, both within Australia and overseas. 

Service to others is central to the strong Christian ethos and teachings which underpin the life of our school.  PLC produces compassionate and empathic leaders who have an international mindset, strong intercultural skills and the desire to stand against social injustice and inequality. Through studying and living in a multicultural community, day girls and boarders learn to respect and understand different cultural, religious and indigenous backgrounds. Students are encouraged to be welcoming and generous of spirit.

'You can spot a PLC girl a mile away.'
I have heard this sentiment warmly expressed on numerous occasions by parents, employers, Old Collegians, university professors and members of the public who meet PLC girls through the interactions of their daily lives. 

What is it that sets PLC girls apart and makes them stand out in the crowd?

Yes, they are successful, articulate and competent. But it is how they carry themselves and wear their success that truly sets them apart. 

PLC girls and graduates are women of character and substance;

  • they exhibit grace, humility and warmth
  • their strength is intrinsically linked with their humility 
  • they approach life with optimism, fun and a 'can do' approach 
  • they have a balanced perspective and a desire to use their education to contribute and give back 
  • they stand out as natural leaders, leading by example with compassion, confidence and integrity

PLC is one of Australia's preeminent schools for girls with a rich heritage and a history of being at the forefront of education for girls. Today PLC stands proudly on the shoulders of those who established this fine school for girls over 140 years ago, with the same values, firm Christian foundation and strong belief in the importance of education and the capacity of women.

For me, PLC is quintessential Melbourne. It is a 21st Century school for girls and young women, positioning them for their place in today's global world.  

Modern Melbourne is the place to be - it's exciting, creative, inclusive, multicultural, forward looking, fun and innovative. 

PLC is Modern Melbourne - a school for today's girls with a rich heritage, an engaging welcoming community and an exciting future. PLC Melbourne is the place to be.

Give your daughter the gift of a lifetime and for a lifetime.

I look forward to welcoming you to PLC, to talking to you about the breadth and diversity of our educational programs and offerings, and to introducing you to our delightful girls who will proudly show you around our stunning campus with its modern facilities and beautiful gardens, and tell you just how special it is to be a PLC girl. 

Elaine Collin