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"Change is her constant; the world will be her neighbourhood."


2019 Entry Scholarships Are Now Open

Applications for a scholarship are now open for girls looking to start in 2019.

To apply click here.

PLC's National Chess Champions

Congratulations to PLC's Chess Team for being crowned the Australian National Chess Champions for 2017!


2017 VCE Student's Success

Listen to the Class of 2017's advice for future VCE students 

Outstanding Results
Class of 2017

Congratulations to the Class of 2017 on their outstanding results.

Click here for the full list of results


What's on at PLC


The VCE Class of 2017 girls once again achieved some of the absolute finest Year 12 results in Australia.

Of the 157 students who completed the VCE:

8% achieved an ATAR of 99.5+ placing them in the top .5% of Australia 
15% achieved an ATAR of 99+ placing them in the top 1% of Australia 
22% achieved an ATAR of 98+ placing them in the top 2% of Australia 
41% achieved an ATAR of 95+ placing them in the top 5% of Australia 
61% achieved an ATAR of 90+ placing them in the top 10% of Australia